Installing Htop on CentOS

Hi, If you are struggling with different tools to monitor your Linux system processes and task and see the overall status of your machine, Htop would be a good solution in this case, How?

Htop is an interactive and real-time system-monitor process-viewer written for Linux. It is designed to replace the Unix program top. It shows a frequently updated list of the processes running on a computer, normally ordered by the amount of CPU usage. Unlike top, Htop provides a full list of processes running, instead of the top resource-consuming processes. Htop uses color and gives visual information about processor, swap and memory status. It is a must have when you want to monitor the resources of your linux server over an ssh connection for example.

Also there is an Setup menu available which allows you to modify the top bar of “Htop” and it’s have some good builtin themes.

Now I’m gonna show you how set this up in 3 simple steps.

First add EPEL repository and make sure that all packages are up to date.

yum -y install epel-release yum -y update

Install Htop process monitoring tool using yum command.

yum -y install htop

After installation, launch Htop by entering:


now we are done.

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