Introduction On Front-End Development

What Is Front-End?

In software engineering, the terms front end and back end refer to the separation of concerns between the presentation layer (front end), and the data access layer (back end) of a piece of software, or the physical infrastructure or hardware. In other words, The front-end is everything involved with what the user sees.

Who Is Front-End Developer?

A professional responsible for the design and implementation of the interface (best explanation ever). Front-end developer architects and develops websites and applications using web technologies (i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which run on the Open Web Platform or act as compilation input for non-web platform environments (i.e., React Native, Ionic).

Typically, a person enters into the field of front-end development by learning to develop HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which commonly runs in a web browser but can also run in a headless browser, WebView, or as compilation input for a native runtime environment.

Web Browsers (most common)

  • like Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (Note: not Edge, referring to IE 9 to IE 11)
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Headless Browsers

Headless Chromium Zombie slimerjs


Cordova (typically for native phone/tablet apps) NW.js (typically used for desktop apps) Electron (typically used for desktop apps)

Native from Web Tech

Flutter React Native

Also remember that while front-end developer may mean something at one company, it can mean something completely different at another company. for example A web designer, A User Interface (UI) Designer or an User Experience (UX) Designer all are front-end corresponding job titles.

How to Become A Front-End Developer?

To start you have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript(JS); soon I'll share some more content about these titles.

but there are more to learn, It's not a lie if I say there are more than 100's of front-end related techs and tools available.

A professional Front End developer is the rock star of website/app development, they need to have a well-stocked personal toolbox. So a professional front end developer skills include the need to:

  • Be proficient in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Understand server-side CSS(SASS, Stylus).
  • Be experienced with graphic design applications (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, XD, Figma)
  • Understand the principles of SEO
  • Have excellent skills in problem-solving
  • Be proficient in communicating with team members, bosses, and clients
  • Have good interpersonal skills

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